“I’m becoming a new person and I’m excited.”


monique brown- feminine allure academy

Here’s what I know for sure. In order for a woman to be successful she must have both mentorship and support. We’re taught how to roller skate, drive a car, and even ride a bike, but learning the art of being a woman who loves without losing herself? Pshhh…

Here’s what I know… showing how strong you are requires more energy and it sounds like it’s keep you exhausted.

Here’s what I know… when you’re in “pick me” mode you rob men of the pleasure of getting to know you

Here’s what I know… you’re a woman full of love and power and you’re ready to offer your feminine gift to the masculine man.

Here’s what I know… men are happy to have and are waiting for the modifying influence of the right woman.

Here’s what I know…  good relationships go bad when you have a difficult time understanding how men perceive your actions.

Here’s what I know… iron sharpens iron. The best way to make a change is by having a woman on your team who’s able to help you uncover your blind spots so that you can approach your love life with more ease, elegance, and grace.

Here’s what I know… you know you can’t just talk to anyone. You’ve got friends, but you find you can’t be vulnerable with them.

Here’s what I know… you keep a lot of things inside because you’re not sure what kind of judgment you might get.

Here’s what I know… you don’t want to polish your potential for a man. This is bigger than that. The woman you want to become requires you to position yourself so that you can take your place in this world.

Here’s what I know… the world is also waiting for you.

Here’s what I know… you need safe, private, and perceptive insight to help you discover your next steps. You need a stand in to bear witness to your potential… a girlfriend and an expert. You need the polished woman’s point of view and communication on the male perspective.

Here’s what I know… you need someone to stand for your greatness and champion for you, judgment suspended.

Here’s what I know… knowledge gives you the opportunity to change who you could be in this world. It’s your knowledge plus implementation that develops your skill.

Here’s the truth, if you could’ve done better you would’ve done it already. Having an expert to give you the bird’s eye view on your love life is the key. Consider me your secret weapon to becoming your most polished potential while preparing for EPIC love.

Here’s what I’m thinking. You can carry along with the same frustrations you’ve been experiencing, or you can get access to knowledge, turn your knowledge into skill, and allow your skill to help you honor your feminine spirit.

Here’s the deal, when you have a wounding, a fear, or a hole in your heart… when you allow your past experience to be bigger than your feminine gift offering and more visible than who you are as a woman, it’s time to handle that.

Listen to what Brittany has to say.

Brittany is the perfect example of a woman who’s replacing the habits that aren’t serving her with new ones that will allow her to move forward with confidence and grace.  She knows that being in a strong and unwavering relationship requires skill. Part of that skill is being self-aware and discarding the habits and mindset that prevent her from polishing her potential.

The gift of being a woman is that you get to decide who you want to be.

It’s your choice. Brittany made hers.

To your enhancement,


P.S. I’m thrilled to announce that Polish Your Potential, my 90-Day Private Skill Building Program opens Monday, May 4th.


Men are waiting on YOU to get your act together

You know… I tried to write this message to you several times; but, I just couldn’t. Instead, my spirit was instructing me to do a video. Naturally, I was resistant to record a video because I wasn’t “all dolled up.” No hair, no makeup, no lashes. Oh well.

I believe in a woman keeping herself up, but keeping up appearances is another lesson I’ll have to discuss in the future. But for now, the message is more important than how I appear.

You know what else? Taking “inspired action”, like recording this video for you, is a lesson in obedience because when we get “divine downloads” we must act on them immediately to reap the benefits.

I recorded this video for you, and I posted it last night on Facebook.

monique brown- feminine allure

In it, I highlight what’s possible for you when you step up to claim your place in the world and when you get comfortable with not knowing the next step in love. Remember, you don’t have to work at love, you just have to let it in.

Lately, I haven’t been working privately with women because I’ve been really focused on my group coaching program, but I see a need and I hear your desire.

Plus, I know that to experience real transformation and to turn new information into habit, and habit into skill, the skill necessary to cultivate amazing love by polishing your potential, requires a higher commitment.

Real soon, I’m going to be opening private consultations to work with me one-on-one to Polish Your Potentialwhich is the name of the program. Fascinating, right?!

Until then, view the 3 minute video here, then join the conversation in the virtual salon (aka Facebook).

To your enhancement,


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