How to Develop Your Taste by Cleaning Up Your Integrity

Monique Brown

What developing your taste means for you?

Cultivating your taste means having a preference. My vision for you is that you’ll have an appetite for quality, sophistication, and for things that are of good report. When your taste is developed, your perception and discernment for quality is refined, making you more appealing.

Developing good taste requires examination of our daily living and what we find appealing. Since faith comes by hearing it also means being mindful of what we’re watching, reading, and listening to.

You can develop your taste for food, style, music, entertainment, vocabulary, language, speech, lifestyle, friendships, and of course relationships, and generally what you allow to regulate your mind.

When it comes to cultivating taste, here are a few questions to consider.

  1. What’s the standard that I have for myself?
  2. Is this a quality pursuit?
  3. Does what I’m partaking in make me feel depleted and anxious, or is it fertile and life-giving?

Just remember that when you develop your taste, you become a woman of worthy character, a woman of influence. You become a tastemaker, and your preference for quality will replace the low pleasure or low character pursuits, setting the tone and the trends for those around you.

Because you’re a tastemaker, you’re skilled at identifying the best of everything and people will be drawn to you because they’ll detect your discerning and polished taste.

This is what living well looks like. It’s about showing up with your best to your everyday, and then bringing your best into your relationship.

To your enhancement,


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What Possibility Can Do For You



I’m just curious…

What if you felt like the most alluring woman in the room?

What if you only said “thank you” to the daily offerings that are presented to you?

What if you decided to go out with your girlfriends when they invited you, instead of staying at home in your “comfort clothes” (i.e. oversized T-shirts that indicate early symptoms of terminal frump-osis)?

What if you accepted your girlfriend’s offer to attend Sunday worship or Bible study, instead of constantly pushing it off until “one day”?

What if you started practicing the virtues that I teach to help you feel lighter, happier, and more like a confident and polished woman of substance?

What if, despite of your fears, you gave yourself the gift of trusting more?

What if, instead of stressing yourself by thinking that nothing’s going to be done properly without your help, what if you relinquished that burden and allowed yourself to be pleasantly surprised?

What if you stopped worrying about how you’ll meet him, what he’ll look like, and when he’ll call?

What if you abandoned your agenda and instead choose to saunter in faith?

What if you gave him a chance to prove himself to you?

What if you gifted him the pleasure of getting to know you?

What if, instead of allowing your fears to make you nervous, instead of your nervousness to make you controlling, what if you began practicing the essence of femininity, which is receptivity?

What if you starting saying “yes” more often?

What if you decided to unveiled the you that’s polished, discerning, and elegant?

I wonder what these possibilities could open up for you. I wonder how different your life would be.

It’s Thanksgiving weekend and despite all the hustle and shopping, and I have feeling that you don’t want to BUY MORE, you have a burning desire to BE MORE.

I want to open up another world of possibility for you. On Monday, I’ll be sharing an exclusive and intimate “pop-up” opportunity to work with me in my Art of Allure program.

I can’t wait to share it with you. In the meantime, I’d love to hear from you. Leave a comment below and tell me what possibilities excite you.

To your enhancement,


If you knew your power, you’d exercise your charm more often

Monique Brown - Feminine Allure Academy

Whether you admit it or not, you reign in a higher position of influence. Regarding men, we influence them more than they influence us.

Since charm is the quality of giving delight or of arousing admiration, consider it your gift offering to the world. There’s no reason to diminish your quality or to reduce it to a form of manipulation. Your feminine allure is a tool, an asset like any other. This is what I teach in my Art of Allure program.

And, guess what else? An alluring woman is a magnet for her desires.

In her, people behold the most ideal reflection of themselves.

So, to operate in your feminine allure, you must first change the way you think about yourself, your approach to life. This is done by removing the negative self talk that’ll tell you you must wait to until you lose weight to buy that dress. I say, “Buy it now!”  You’ll develop the motivation and gain confidence to change your habits, because you’ll feel better.

It means doing away with the stubbornness that supports your refusal be the influential woman you’re called to be because you think “he hasn’t earned it yet.”

Perhaps you don’t even want to know your power or your level of influence because you’re going to start attracting more into your life. Yet, you don’t want anybody doing anything for you because you don’t want anyone to say “you owe me.”

I get it.

But, how long will you continue to play small? How long will you continue to struggle before moving forward in faith, confidence, and grace?

I want to tell you that there’s more for you on the other side. So start practicing now because everyday presents an opportunity to exercise your charm. When you exercise your charm you become a magnet for your desire.

Here’s how…

  1. Give yourself credit- “Every woman is God’s child and as such, owes certain respect for her inherent characteristics.”  Because of this, you can have faith in your own capacity to feel, to be vulnerable, and to influence.
  2. Receive with grace- If your habit is not to accept or ask for support, you are cutting off one of the most attractive forces the feminine has. Learning to receive and to allow others to nurture us is critical in our capacity to know love.
  3. Profit from personal presentation- A woman’s image is her calling card to great things. But, don’t allow your mind to drift to physical beauty only because. So be mindful and do things to enhance image. This includes being active in your community allowing people to experience you serving the world, getting your body (& health) right, and investing in yourself.

To your enhancement,


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You Can Do Better Than “I’m Grown”


I walked past a light post the other day, and guess what I did? 

I grabbed that pole and swung around it.

 And, guess what sound came out of my mouth as I swung?

It was the sound of happiness, of playfulness. It was “Weeeeeeeeeeeeee!”

A gentleman saw me. He smiled at me and said, “ I like that!”

I blushed.

Monique Brown- Feminine Allure Academy

As we mature and experience life, we wake up feeling overwhelmed by the to-do lists. We feel guilt at the un-productivity of a snow day, and we just don’t stop to smell the roses.

We have lost our childlike traits. Part of our societal conditioning has trained the childlikeness and femininity right out of us so much so that some of us reject our feminine desires.  We’re made wrong for being in tune emotionally and for being feeling creatures.


 What results when a woman’s feminine allure is made wrong?


She hides it and becomes a colorless creature. Women who are in this barren condition are dismal and make others around them dismal and miserable. It crops up as poker-faced, depression, learned helplessness, or “I got it” attitude.


The truth is that a part of us is dying because we’re afraid. And, to be an alluring woman you cannot be afraid of your vulnerability, your childlikeness, your ability to play, to feel, and to influence.


At the heart of your feminine allure is the childlikeness… not to be confused with childishness. Childlikeness is playful, trusting, joyful. It’s amusing, and “a childlike quality of the mind really means a mind which is fresh, which sees things as if for the first time.”


A woman who retains this childlike joy can still feel the joy of being alive. She can delight in the bubbles in her bubble bath or the warmth of the sun that shines on her during her morning commute. She’s in awe at the changing of the leaves, or the intricate design and majesty of nature.


An alluring and childlike woman approaches life with friskiness, flare, and fun. She plays to her strengths and improves her weaknesses. Because of her absorbing interest in life, she keeps men guessing (which diminishes any fear in men that she’s bored with life and hunting for a man as an escape). 

Here’s what I’ve been noticing lately about my childlike nature.  I hope it encourages you to embody your allure by embracing a life of playfulness, friskiness, and flare.  


  1. I step on fallen leaves, just to hear the crunchy sound it makes.
  2. I read one of my favorite children’s book. Lately, I’ve been feeling Hailstones and Halibut Bones. I used this book a lot when I taught high school English.
  3. At work, I spin in my chair and pretend that I’m a member of Cirque de Soleil. I point my toes too.
  4. I go the card section at the grocery store or drugstore and read the Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, or Holiday cards just to have a good cry. No need to be a shero, just let it go.
  5. I call my mom just to tell her “I love you.”

What will you do to invoke your childlike spirit? Leave a comment below. 

To your enhancement,


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“I’m afraid that if I don’t react, his behavior will continue”

monique brown -feminine allure

I sense that you’re frustrated, and I wonder if Ashley’s story resonates with you.

Anticipating a great birthday gift in the morning from her man, Ashley couldn’t sleep the night before.  First thing in the morning, she ran to the dining room to see if her special surprise was placed on the table.


After she got dressed, and on her way to the door, she saw the jumbo red gift bag on the island in the kitchen.  What she pulled from the bag didn’t thrill her. After inquiring about the gift, Ashley discovered her jewelry was purchased at the black expo just the day before.

It wasn’t clear whether or not Ashley was actually used to a certain standard of jewelry. What was clear was that she expected more. She said her thanks, but inside she as rather disappointed.

Since gift giving is her love language, she wants to make sure that going forward, he knows that those sorts of gifts, from that kind of place, don’t make the cut.

She wrote to me, “any gift is nice, but sometimes men will take the easy way out of true thought and effort when it comes to things like dates, birthday presents, etc. Won’t saying ‘thank you’ and ‘smiling’ give reinforcement that this level of care/thought is ok?”

Fearful that if she didn’t react, his behavior would continue and she might get a similar gift in the future. So, she defaulted to using her words as her weapon rather than her wand.

For you, maybe it’s not a birthday gift. Despite his good qualities, maybe it’s that:

  • he works, but you notice his ambition is diminishing
  • he hasn’t made a doctor’s appointment in years
  • he hasn’t bought you the house he said he would
  • you don’t go out like you used to
  • things simply go undone

There’s a big misconception that if we show gratitude, we accept that behavior. I submit to you that when your man knows you’re appreciative, it inspires him to do more for you. When he feels appreciated, he feels as though he’s set up to win. When he’s set up to win, then he operates from a place of success.

Consider it a win for yourself too because you’ll directly benefit from that success.

“So, how do we show appreciation but also let it be known that mediocrity isn’t acceptable?”

Hidden in every complaint is your desire. The Surrendered Wife, suggests that “when you tell your husband what you want, without telling him, when, why, and how you want him to get it- without controlling him-you are giving him a new opportunity to feel accomplished and proud about how happy he makes you. Letting him please you will make you feel adored and intimate.”

Stating your desires purely means concentrating on the result you want, not the path he should take to get there.

When you resist the urge to indulge the critical side and reconsider your expectations, then you’re able drop your agenda and focus on showing appreciation and expressing your desires without “blowing up”, making it easier for your man to please you. This is what he really wants.

I invite you to continue the conversation in the comments or over at the clubhouse. What does this bring up for you?

To Your Enhancement,

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