Become Gorgeous

Becoming Gorgeous: Beauty Tips to Little Mo, My Younger Self

  • Don’t sleep on your face young lady. Not only does it cause face lines and wrinkles, but it causes blood to rush, giving the appearance of a swollen/bloated face in the a.m.
  • Don’t crack your knuckles so much, although it feels good, it’s probably one of the reasons your hands are so big. You’ve been warned about this plenty…tis tis.
  • Do put on the full armor of God by memorizing a Bible verse daily. God’s light is a natural radiance.
  • Don’t ever, ever sleep in makeup. It’s more important to wash your face at night when the body rejuvenates itself, than in the morning. In the a.m., a simple splash of water is good.
  • When drying your face, don’t pull and rub. Simply pat dry.
  • At night, do polish your face and massage your hands with Aquaphor. It’ll maintain soft skin.
  • Do keep your hair moisturized with a water based moisturizer. Then, seal it with oil. Dry hair breaks like dry skin cracks
  • Do continue to exercise and floss regularly.
  • Do practice eating plenty leafy greens and raw veggies. How you nourish your body  from the inside is more important than what you put on it.  Ultimately, what you feed yourself will manifest on the outside.
  • Do get enough sleep.  You need at least 7 hours.
  • Do be who you are little Mo. You have permission!

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Be Good. Look Good. Do Better!

Take Advantage

…of all the opportunities around you. At a time when many 20-somethings are relocating east, west, and Texas, I remain in the Midwest. 

When I first arrived in St. Louis, what I noticed were the beautiful parks. I’ve come to find this city to be extremely charming. If you feel stuck, bored, or uninspired by your surroundings, simply take advantage by touring your city to discover its luster and beauty. Like me, you might be pleasantly surprised!

thrifted blazer; blouse-Target; skirt-forever 21; shoes- Nine West; necklace-thrifted; watch- 7th grade Christmas gift from my dad

Have fun!

Be Good. Look Good. Do Better!

Make it Burn

…and don’t forget to double up on your sports bras! Feeling the burn during my exercise workout routine is one of they ways I measure the intensity of my workout. If I’m not burning, I’m not doing enough. When it burns, my body is uncomfortable, and that state of discomfort is necessary to take to me the next level. It’s when it starts to burn, when I’m in that uncomfortable place, then I know that I’m making progress because I’m outside of my comfort zone. Successful people live outside their comfort zone.

Be Good. Look Good. Do Better!