5 Reasons to Try Living Foods

living foods1. Raw, living food fuels our bodies for optimal performance by providing mental clarity and energy.

2. Raw, living foods slow the aging process, and in several cases, reverses it.

3. You can eat as much as you want without the guilt.

4.  More oxygen is available in raw, uncooked, living foods. I read that cancer cannot exist in highly oxygenated environments. 

5. Living foods are full of enzymes which serve as catalysts for every metabolic reaction in our bodies. My favorite raw food chef, Ani Phyo, teaches that “without these enzymes, there can be no cell division, energy production or brain activity.”

Check out 70 year old Annette Larkins, a raw food vegan. 

Now, I know “black don’t crack;” but, even 70+ year old body builders don’t look this good in the face. 

So what do you think? Valid?

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Let your food be your medicine and…

Be Good. Look Good. Do Better! 

Sunday’s Best: Favorite Blogs Edition

My schedule is becoming tight as I continue the last leg of my law school career. With that, the opportunities to snap photos of myself lately have been a complete fail. I do, however, want to continue to give you my Sunday’s Best posts. Some featuring me, others may not. Today, I want to highlight two of my favorite blogs whose style I simply adore. 

First up, Jessie of Adore Daily. I’ve been viewing Jessie’s blog for almost three years now. Her creativity, her ability to mix high and low end items, and her photos never ceases to amaze me.

favoriteblogsfavoriteblogsfavoriteblogsNext up, Soraya of Style Is My Thing. Soraya is a blogger based in the UK. She’s a fairly new blogger, but her style and lavish likes keep me mesmerized. You can see for yourself. 


favoriteblogs favoriteblogs

I would hate to shut down MCM while I prepare for the bar exam; so, I’d like to extend a chance for the MCM viewers to be featured. If interested, go ahead and submit 2-5 photos of yourself in your sunday’s best to motorcitymoxie@gmail.com. Enter the subject: Sunday’s Best Feature.

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Be Good. Look Good. Do Better! 


3 Ways to Boost your Feminine Appeal Instantly

I saw a person, who from behind, walked like a man, but had a woman-like frame and stature.  Naturally, I couldn’t help but wonder, if it were a man or a woman? It was really difficult to tell, and I could not decipher from the salt and pepper dread-locked coif either.

From behind, very androgynous. Then, I got a side glimpse, clearly a woman.

feminine appeal

 Image source

That slight observation made me think, for those of us who want to increase our feminine appeal here are three (3) ways to boost our allure instantly.

Switch-  Oftentimes, women who walk with an appealing sway are admonished for being “fast,” but really, possessing feminine movement is an aspect of womanhood that we should embrace because it distinguishes us from men. There’s no need to be coy or feel bad about lady-like movements.  After observing the woman, it reinforced my perception that women usually flow along, while men power along.  

As I mentioned in my post Develop a Feminine and Gracious Gait, “switching” should not be staccato: short, quick, fast. Instead, it should be a skill or tool used to improve our feminine form.  It’s not something that society says we should do, but rather, it’s an innate female element, attributable to our hormones and skeletal differences.

feminine appealImage source 

Smile- A woman’s smile can be considered the sexiest curve on our body. Naturally, it softens us, makes us more beautiful, and overall makes us appear to be an enjoyable person. I see so many of us who frown and look uneasy, “tight face-ed.” And, might I add, frowning makes us ugly, appearing bitter. Smile more to stay youthful, vibrant looking, and overall to reduce stress. Check out my post on how to get brighter smile.

Unfold your arms- I’m definitely guilty of this one. However, I have observed that folding arms, especially, when standing alone can make us appear uptight, self-conscious, closed. Sometimes, folding our arms is simply more comfortable. I do fold my arms especially when sitting because I’m fairly tall and desks and chairs are not ergonomically fitting for me. However, when I catch myself in the act, I make an effort to lower my arms. 

I encourage you to put one or all three of these suggestions to the test, and report back your observations.

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Be Good. Look Good. Do Better!

Power through the Plateaus

MCM Reader Question:

“I seem to be at the point where I’m not losing anymore pounds, I’m just toning and losing inches and I was wondering is that the reaching point where my body has decided that this is the weight I’m suppose to be? Did you feel that way as well?  I’m a former athlete, so I have no problem with pushing myself to the limit. I’m 26 year old female, who lives a pescatarian lifestyle, 5′ 6” 165 pounds, everyone thinks I’m about 135 or 140, even my doctor.They’re shocked when I tell them how much I weigh.  If so what did you do to shock the body to lose more weight or should I just continue this process and just be content and consistent with my life journey?”

getfitwithnicSource *Note: I’ve added Nic to my body inspiration folder. Ol’ girl is pure fiyah!!! 

Answer: I’m sure you are frustrated with your halt in weight loss. However, this is just temporary, a plateau. To answer your question, yes, I experienced a plateau. When I lost about 28 lbs, it was about three (3) weeks before I saw the numbers on the scale budge. Three weeks may not seem like a lot, but for someone who saw a weekly drop in weight, it was agonizing not to see the scale move.

Plateaus often occur when we become too comfortable and ease up on our regimens. For example, my six day 45 min sessions slowly became four-day 30 minute sessions. How could I expect success when I was dwindling in my regimen? 

I love the quote “successful people live outside their comfort zone.” This is even clear in our workouts and weight loss journey. When we become too comfortable during the journey, we do our bodies a disservice, and it’ll let us know. How? By not responding.

With that, remember plateaus are temporary, (if you want them to be). Below are four five ways to tip the scale and recover from a plateau.

  1. Change it up. A plateau is natural. I recommend changing your food menu and portion size, but mostly change the menu. We often get into the habit of buying and eating the same foods; so, do something different this week. If you bake chicken regularly, try to saute it with veggies, or make soup instead. In your case, if you’re always eating salmon, try red snapper or “everybody’s favorite” tilapia instead. 
  2. Get sleep. If you exercise regularly then you must allow the body to rest and recoup. Just like our minds that can become disoriented due to lack of sleep, the same is true of our muscles. Let’em rest because we need them to work for and with us, not against us.
  3. Change the types of exercise you do. It’s truly a privilege to have active limbs.
    So, if you find yourself running or walking the treadmill for two miles, then, do change that, and consider speed intervals for two miles. This really helps too in shocking the body. Simply look for opportunities to get more activity.
  4. Add more veggies. Veggies are a natural fat eater. They contain high amounts of fiber that absorb and help to pass toxins. Plus, you can eat more of it and still keep your caloric intake relatively low. 
  5. ETA:  Lower your salt intake.- Be careful if you eat lots of canned foods and microwavables. These items are high sodium and sodium retains water. I used to love my canned goods because they were so easy.  But, once I become more mindful of salt and reduced sodium intake, I saw a shift in my weight. 
I hope this information served you well. 

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Be Good. Look Good. Do Better!