STL Style

“Successful people live outside their comfort zone.” So, I stepped out of mine. Rather than sitting at home, I decided to take advantage of the events around me and had a great time. I’m glad that I did!

Jessii-natural hair stylist and makeup artist

St. Louis Fashion Week occured Oct. 11- 15. I was fortunate enough to attend the last event, Liquid Style, a showcase of St. Louis boutiques. I’ve never attended any fashion week events before; so, I’d consider this fashion week event a hit.

Fashion from Epiphany Boutique

Louise Thomas’, owner of Epiphany Boutique in St. Louis, hair was beautiful.

 A selection of house music and other genres were spinning. And, since I consider myself a HouseHead, the DJ was simply perfect!

Dwayne “Richie”, a fashion consultant, of Chrissy’s shoe game was killer, literally. 

One can enrich her life in the most unexpected places. I encourage you to do something different! 

Be Good. Look Good. Do Better!

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