Sunday’s Best: Animal Kingdom

animal kingdom

Leather Jacket-, Skirt- H&M, Shoes- Nine West (via Nordstrom Rack)

This Sunday’s Best represents pure animal kingdom. I look forward to the fall and winter season because of the fashion. I enjoy layering cardigans and scarves, and wearing leather and fur.

You’ve probably seen this fur stole before in my YouTube video, entitled Doing Me with Fabo Hair. I purchased the fur stole a couple of years ago at an annual pop up vintage market. It’s a vintage Annis Fur, circa 1930. It even has the original purchaser’s initials.   

animal kingdom

annis furs

Seamstresses at Annis Furs in Downtown Detroit. Taken in the 1920's

In Detroit, both ladies and gents love their fur, and it’s rooted in Detroit’s fur trade industry. 

animal kingdomTis all, nothing major. Enjoy your week and thank God it’s Monday rather than Friday. Since Monday is the beginning of the week, it’s an indication of opportunity. Get it done, and remember to…

Be Good. Look Good. Do Better!

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21 thoughts on “Sunday’s Best: Animal Kingdom

  1. GIRL!!!! You look fabulous!!! I love all things animal; fur, print, skins, you name it (I guess I just did)! Anywhoo, the vingtage fur stole is awesomesauce and now you got me thinking about steal…I mean borrowing, my grandmother’s mink stole from my mother.

  2. You are gorgeous! And, omg, we’re from the same city! I kept wondering if the “motor city” was in representation of the D, but I wasn’t sure (don’t laugh lol). Oh, I just subscribed and commented on your youtube channel yesterday, username:dnyknight05. You are such an inspiration, I love coming across like-minded individuals, especially Christians! I love your positive outlook, and I look forward to keeping in touch. God bless you :-)


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