Feminine Form: Arch Your Back!!


Source: Flashdance The Musical

Arching your back accentuates the feminine form and enhances a shape that is quite alluring. It’s the mesmerizing difference between the feminine physique and the masculine physique.

Ideally, the feminine form highlights our curvaceous contours. No matter the size, the lines which delineate a feminine silhouette are unique. They should present a sequence of curves. Curvaceousness usually creates an illusion of a soft and flattering effect to the female body. 


Source: Blue Crab Illustrations

Arching your back creates a feminine stance that’s warm, inviting, and confident. In contrast, poor posture is part of body language. Being noticed with poor posture may hint at an impression that is untrue: unhappy, lazy, awkward, defensive, and/or self-conscious. 

The pros of an arched back:

  • Appearance of increased confidence
  • Look taller
  • Improves breathing
  • Better body image
  • Reduces back pain

Take action to improve your feminine form!  Be like a dancer: chin up, fluid in movement, never slouching even in periods of stillness, aware of the space our body takes up, ultimately creating polished lines that lengthen and strengthen our spines.

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