Sunday’s Best: Saffron

Since I was in the Motor City this weekend, I decided to attend my home church, Hope United Methodist in Southfield. The message ” What about Halloween?” resonated with me because as a child, I went trick or treatin’. However, now, I’m not into the ghosts and goblins that Halloween symbolizes.

Although I don’t have children, I wonder if I would allow them to Trick or Treat?

Red Dress- Newport, Thrifted Saffron Blazer- Value Village; Shoes- Kenneth Cole, Necklace- Value Village

While I was home, I went to Royal Oak, one of my favorite metro Detroit areas, for Sunday brunch. However, I was disturbed when I arrived at the restaurant to see the server who painted her face to look like a skeleton. I wasn’t so much disturbed by the skeletal face painting, but I was more so disturbed because it was a restaurant. I just don’t want to see that mess when I’m eating.

Luckily, she didn’t wait on us; so, didn’t have have to request another waitress.

But, before I went there, I stopped by a different restaurant that was closer to church.  I ran out just as soon as I entered when I saw the busser who decided to celebrate Halloween by wearing a bloody shirt and by layering his face with scabs and other crusty encrustations.

Is it just me because I have a week stomach, or would you be grossed out too if you saw that sort of a bloody, gory, ghostlike getup at a restaurant? 

BTW: I love this saffron color blazer. I get so many compliements on it. I got it from my go-to thrifting spot here in St. Louis, Value Village.

Be Good. Look Good. Do Better!