Weight Loss: Size 16 to Size 8

I’ve always loved working out. When I was 13, I asked my mom to buy me my first aerobic VHS. I also loved to eat and I still do; however, now I practice healthier eating. If you follow me on YouTube then you’ll remember in my last video I mentioned my next video would discuss how I went from a size 16 pushing 18, to a size 8. So here, we go…

Here, I was actually size 12, NOT size 14.


  1. Inspire action by having faith in my own capacity. Faith must work; it must produce; it must be visible.
  2. Research. If you’ve never been proactive about your weight loss, start researching. Despite all my exercise, I still didn’t lose much. So, my mentor encouraged me to joined Weight Watchers (WW). I did and I loss 40 lbs. I promote WW because it laid the foundation for me. Contrary to popular belief, WW doesn’t require microwavable food. WW taught me about my food choices by using a point system. For example, I could either eat a Snickers bar for 8 points, or eat a 4 oz chicken breast, a cup of spinach, 1/2 sweet potatoe, a cookie, and drink a diet coke for the same points. The choice was easy.
  3. Plan to lose weight. I planned my meals in advance and I always brown bagged it. 
  4. Keep track. I logged what I ate. So, if I didn’t make a good choice during lunch, or if someone brought cake, I could make up for it during dinner by eating more 0 point foods, which are usually fruits and veggies.
  5. Exercise. Taebo is my all-time favorite. I enjoy DVDs because I get better results than the gym. I learned that nutrition was essential for weight loss, but exercising & weight training was crucial for shaping my body. I don’t want to be a smaller & looser version of my larger self. 
  6. Visualize. During my journey, I would envision myself in the body I’ve always wanted. In my mind, I need to see what I want and believe I can achieve it.
  7. Stay motivated by having a standard. I like to research fitness competitors’ diets and training schedules to help me stay motivated.
  8. Take Progress Pics. Oftentimes, I didn’t know how far I’d progressed until I could actually compare my before photos. This was especially helpful when I plateaued.
  9. Smile while exercising. This helps to prevent sagging facial skin, especially those marionette lines and jaw lines.
  10. Most importantly, double up on your sports bras! If you don’t, you’ll go from balloons to pancakes. Luckily, I gained a little; so now, I wear three!

My current stats:

  • Height: 5’10 1/4
  • Weight: 175 lbs
  • Size: 8 US
  • I haven’t measured myself recently, but I will soon.
  • My goal is to obtain and maintain a mean, lean stallion-like 168 lbs.

We only have one body. Make it last! 

Be Good. Look Good. Do Better!

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92 thoughts on “Weight Loss: Size 16 to Size 8

  1. Wow! Such an inspiration. I’m 5″8 and have just gone from pushing into a 16 to comfy in my 14. Taebo is also my favorite work out, I finally found the old live ones on amazon. Anyway, I just never thought I could get in the kind of shape that would let me get smaller than a twelve. I have a similar shape to your before and you just proved me wrong. You look absolutely beautiful. I don’t usually leave comments but in this case I had to. It’s funny because I’ve always wanted to enter a fitness competition. I used to watch them all the time on espn. I thought it would be cool to see myself get into that kind of shape but just never thought that I could. Thanks for sharing your story and being such an inspiration.

    • I love the old Taebo, like the “Get Ripped” Series. I don’t find them on DVDs, but perhaps I’m not looking thoroughly. Before, I lost the weight, I was in a similar mindset. That is, I wondered if I could be smaller than a 10, and I got down to a 6. My weight loss journey taught me that anything IS possible. I was proof. Thanks for commenting and my apologies for the late response.

  2. You look soooooo amazing, I have been want to get back motivated in working out. Thanks for sharing your story it helps so many of us who want to do better!

  3. Great start Ms. MotorCity Moxie,
    I never knew you were a size 16, wow, you put in some work!! Great piece of motivation/inspiration to help those of us asleep in complacency. I hope to see the development of this blog and yourself along with it.

  4. Just read through the whole blog and it was a lovely and enjoyable read. I appreciate you taking the time to include us on your personal journey. Really loved what you said about faith. Your pictures are amazing and your journey so far has inspired me to keep going. I have loss about 60 lbs over the last year through healthy eating alone just need to tone up now.

  5. This is a great blog! I enjoy reading your posts and the pictures are great. I’ve now added your link to my favorites, so I’ll be back for more. Also, congratulations on the weight loss! I had no idea! I’m on my own weight loss journey and am down 10 lbs. I finally found what works for me, but I’m going to have to steal a couple of your tips. Thanks!

      • I’m one of those self-proclaimed “lazy people.” I just never mustered the motivation to get better. So, I got a personal trainer. He also coaches me on nutrition and keeps me accountable. I like knowing that I have an expert who is making sure that I am doing the right things to reach my goals. It’s like my goals are his goals, and he’s just as excited by my weight loss as I am.
        Now it’s just a part of my daily schedule. I’m working out every day, eating right, and seeing/feeling the results.

        • Jarene, that’s great. I had a PT for while too when I was preparing for the pageant. He kept me on track, but he wasn’t much help regarding my nutrition. Weight Watchers helped me with that. That’s what’s up!

  6. Hi, congrats! I’m trying to lose about 40-45 lbs, so I’m glad I ran across your website. I decided I need to do what I’ve always loved which is step aerobics. This time, though, I’m using an old video from The Firm that incorporates weights as well as aerobic exercise for a total body workout.

    Can you explain #10 more about the sports bras. How does 2 sport bras help? Thanks

  7. So i was on youtube just looking at natural hair videos and I came across yours and I’m so glad I did. My jaw dropped just now when I read and saw your pictures. Thank you so much for sharing your journey thus far because I am 5’10 1/2 and its great to see someone the same height as me do share their experience. Right now im 185. I graduate in December and would like to be 175! Thanks for the tips and good luck!

  8. Let me tell you that you are just beautiful!! What an inspiration you are to me!! I’m on this journey as well but decided to combine two projects. So I’m losing weight and growing my natural hair at the same time! It’s a challenge but I’m having fun especially at my age 48!! Just trying to get my groove back!! You look fabulous!!!

    • Hi Sharon, we’re on the same journey for a banging body and beautiful hair to match! Both are processes that require patience and commitment. What we do everyday will either propel us to our goals or set us back. Thanks for commenting.

  9. You look amazing! It also goes to show that weight is really just a number, because you could’ve told me you were 135 lbs! But I guess it’s because you are taller? I have always been skeptical about WW but it obviously worked for you.

    God bless XOXO

  10. In my opinion sister you were just fine @ size 18
    you like to eat an atractive quality to many men
    if you like I would be more than happy to send you a food
    list that will be less than what you re spending now at the grocery
    if its 7lbs you re trying to lose then you must keep in mind that s
    probably mostly water weight
    if you eat meat try eating meat every 3rd day 20 min walk everday
    stretching seems to free up toxins and excess in the body to be more easily eliminated
    so make sure you do that at your leisure
    vegan foods:
    quinoa, amanranth, kamut, teff, greens of course ,vegan butter
    red lentils, quinoa pasta, spinach pasta, berries except for cranberries
    maple syrup agave nectar almond milk popcorn blackrice wild rice
    corn tortilla s just to name a few corn bread without eggs
    try integrating some yeast free breads if not pumpernickel or rye
    start making your green drink with at least 7 different types of greens and without
    what you ll find over time is that you re feeding the cells in your body
    and you won t be as hungry I find some days I dont eat after my juice
    their are minerals in the greens as well as carbs
    so my weight is maintained minus the excess
    when we don t eat as we should your body stores the junk as fat and your
    body is still hungry so you eat more than you normally would I try to use
    at least 17 different greens in my juice I’m 6′ 5″ 225-230lbs former athelete and not emaciated
    take care

    • Thank you Hemerd for the suggestions. I’d like to review your food list. I was a 90% raw foodist for about 3 months. It stopped when I went to Jamaica with my mom. I agree with you about adding other leafy greens to my exilir. I just got comfortable is all. Currently, I have collards, kale, cabbage, and mixed greens in my fridge. I’ll mix them in the morning. I welcome your feedback!

    • Raw food diets are cool some believe it to be healthier than
      eating your food cooked beyond the temp
      that raw foodist cook their food but the liver is going to cook that food some more once it arrives so even with no heat applied the food
      will still get some heat

      okra pumpkins broccoli bell peppers mustard greens dandelion leaf
      sqaush zucchini
      soursops guinepps mangos papayas limes jelly coconuts guavas
      sugar apples dates prunes currants figs
      natural maple syrup agave nectar
      sea moss avocado
      fiji water or filtered
      some find that when they transition from old eating habits
      that they run out of choices but I have found the
      possibilities are quite an adventure and endless
      but in your case it would appear that there is no need
      to add to perfection


  12. Hello! I stumbled upon one of your YouTube videos looking at ones for my daughter’s hair. In it, you mentioned your weight loss and blog. I just read through your blog and wanted to sincerely commend you on your weight loss and for being a woman of substance. Too often (based on my personal experience), women are very hard on each other and don’t take the time to saying encouraging or complimentary things. So from one black woman to another, you ROCK! May God continue to keep and bless you!

  13. I just want to say to another black sista many congrads on your success. I too am on my weight loss journey. I grew up being a small female, but no one ever told me eating fast food would catch up with me. So of course I learned the hard way, eventually getting up to a 12 and pushing a 14. When I bought my first size 14 pants just for extra comfort for my stomach. That was it for me, I looked in the mirror and cried. That was two years ago, now working out 5 to 6 days a week was my motivation. I do hard workouts 4 days a week, and yoga two days a week opposite of my hard core work out, just to relax and stretch the muscles. I’ve come to realize yoga is a must as a workout but also relaxes my mind. I forget about all things when I’m doing yoga, and focus on the goal at hand myself :) Your right one body, one mind, one life…………..

    • Hi Tamika, Thanks for commenting. I like to go hard in my workouts too. I’ve done yoga,but it’s weird for me because I use videos. Plus, I like to high intensity workouts. I find yoga valuable particularly for stretching and such.

      • Hi Motorcitymoxie…. it’s Tamika again. I just reread your response to yoga. I realized what you said you do yoga using videos. Well I have yet to try videos. Reason being I enjoy different types of yoga and yoga instructors. Many of them have traveled around the world to train to teach yoga, but if you read a lot of their bios. You will see many yoga instructors practiced yoga first, and trained later to actually become better educated with yoga. Then teaching yoga became a thought. Yoga it a beautiful work out and very hard. I’ve noticed (please forgive me when I say this) a lot of African American’s do not consider yoga as a true or real exercise. I have been the only black women in my yoga classes, (I go to two different yoga gyms also) I have been questions by co-workers why are you doing yoga. So yoga is not just for stretching, but it also heals, helps to lose weight, also works on your major organs. Lol just know I took my sister because she too felt yoga was just for stretching/would be easy. Lol she got her moneys worth, the next day she was sore as if she worked out with weights. I don’t know how true this is, but many yoga instructors have said to me for every one day of yoga practiced, you add another 14 days onto your life span. I feel as though I went natural with my hair, and love the results, and changed my eating habits and was impressed by my skin. So why not add yoga to my regular workouts, and see how it benefits me in the future. I like your model one mind one body…. one soul. :) My goal is to live a healthy long life, not a short unhealthy one. :)

        • Well… since you put it that way… I’ll try to go to a center. My friend has encouraged me to go; but I simply haven’t made time. If I find it to be different than the vids then I’ll try to incorporate it more. Thanks for sharing

    • I have minimal stretch marks. I lost weight at a steady pace; so, I didn’t anticipate them. But, I’ve been using shea butter for the past 6+ years. I use it all over paying attention to areas that were prone to stretch marks ( ie. knees, breast, hips/ thigh, underarms and triceps)

  14. We seem to have the same body type and structure so seeing your transformation is a great encouragement to me. I struggle with going up and down and I want to get to a place where I can maintain a healthy weight. I need to lose about 20-25 pounds and I am on my way. Thanks for sharing and GOD bless!

    • During my progress, I tried to find others who were of similar stature and it was difficult. So, I understand the importance for relating to someone who has same body type. Thx for commenting!

  15. Hello and Congrats to you!!!!!!! I wanted to know what exercise you do to keep your abs looking great. Also what foods do you eat to maintain your weight?

  16. Your body looks AMAZING! I was a size 9/10 now I’m at a 13/14 and will soon be at a 15/16 if I don’t change something fast. You’ve given me a lot to look forward to!

  17. I am really happy to actually visit your blog I have been watching your youtube vids and DO I LOVE YOUR ENERGY. I slowly gained weight from a size 4/5 , I just always told myself that as soon as I got to a different place I would just start working on the weight. Well, 2 years into grad school all I have to show are my “mom jeans” and other health issues stemming from a 20 pound weight gain. It is time to take action …. my question for you is how do you incorporate wellness into your busy life.

    • I just came from a 5k run, my first exercise since last Monday. Before that, I allowed about 3 weeks to lapse since I worked out. I prefer to exercise in the morning because it becomes a chore in the evening. Plus, studies show that my body will burn more calories during the day after a morning workout. Usually, no exercise gaps happen when I stay up late studying and prefer to sleep vs. exercise. But, to balance that I try to make good food choices.

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  19. This is my first visit to your website and I am very impressed. Your stories have inspired me to become a new me. I am a full figured woman who wants to live a healthier and god fearing lifestyle. My journey is to get me closer to GOD while creating a new me from the inside out. So thank you for your words of wisdom, encouragement and knowledge.

  20. I was also looking on Youtube for videos on natural hair and came across you; What a blessing!!! It seems there are so many of us (mature women 40+) who want a new and improved look in our forties. I started my natural journey five years ago and then ‘went mad’ and cut it all off last October. I restarted the journey five months ago and started the weightloss journey six months ago and have gone from a size 14/16 uk to a 12 uk , Seeing you has inspired me even more.

    Keep up the good work and I look forward to watching more.

  21. Hey MCM,
    I had a question about doubling up on sports bra. I’m a 5’11 36DDD and I wear 3 bras as well when I jogg(reg. bra, sports bra,& built-in bra with my tank). I still bounce alot which discourages me to a brisk walk when i get too much attention. I was wondering if you had any tips on binding them. Would that cause them to flatten out (pancake as u put it) after long use. Or should i just get a smaller sports bra so it fits tighter & holds me down? HELP!

    You look great by the way. Not too skinny (you look healthy baby, Lol)

    • Hi Shanice,

      The first bra that I wear is maiden form bra. The other two are sport bras. You are working with a lot, but perhaps you need new sports bra. When mine shake it’s typically because the elasticity in the bra has diminished.

      I’m not sure about binding them. I know women bind to flatten their tummies after pregnancy. I can’t predict any flattening of the breast though. You’ll just have to be careful about level of discomfort from binding.

      Thanks for the compliment.

  22. omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11 i love u i need ur help sooooo much bcos i really want to loose weight to a size 12 or 10 but im finding it really hard. pls can u make me a food timetable with general foods that r easy to get bcos i live in london xxx thank u

  23. Thank you so much for your blog! It has inspired me to keep going to the gym. I’m a size 18 and trying lose weight. All of the suggestions listed here I’m going to try. Thanks for being upbeat and positive. We need more like you.

  24. How did you prevent stretchmarks? Everytime i start a journey I start getting stretchmarks and im covered in them cause i keep loosing weight but i hate them. What did you do? your skin is flawless !

  25. Hello MotorCityMoxie,
    You are truly an inspiration. I’ve watched a number of weight loss testimonies but yours top them all! Just a quick question: Right now I am 5’10, 205lbs and my measurements are 38D-31(I think)-43 and a size 16 in pants. How do I get that ripped and toned look, I want a 25-27 waist. I wish to be a size 7/8 in pants. What diet and exercise should I follow?

    • Eat small meals every 3 hours. This requires planning. Mix up cardio and weight training exercises, try to suck in tummy at all times, even while sitting. This helps to maintain and strengthen core, and don’t eat within 3 hours of bedtime.

  26. Wow. I must say that I am so very motivated and inspired.
    First off, I want to say thank you for taking the time and sharing your journey with all of us. It is my first time visiting this site, and wandered upon it feeling a little discouraged. I have had problems with my weight, I can lose it, but never keep it off; I also tend to fluctuate about 5 pounds like crazy. I noticed that you enjoyed Taeboe. Is that the only workout DVD you did during your journey, or did you find others that were suitable for you? Also, do you recommend that as a starting DVD or should it be eased into? I only ask this because I don’t have access to a gym, and think I would feel more comfortable starting at home. My goal is not outrageous; however I do understand it will take some time. If you don’t mind sharing, I was wondering what your daily meals consist of. I usually don’t have a problem exercising, but I realized that my diet is definitely a big part of my struggle. I don’t eat very much when it comes to my meals and my doctor seems to think I am not eating enough to actually lose weight. Do you know of any tips? Any at all will be greatly appreciated. Thank You once again for posting this, sometimes it’s just good to know you’re not alone.

    • Hi Karan, be sure to read through the comments because you may find more answers to your questions. But, in the beginning I did Taebo, then after I lose 17lbs I trained with my neighbor, a trainer. He had weights, and I paid him rather than a gym membership. I love Taebo, but it may be too intense for 1st timers. I like DVDs because I see better results.

      Regarding food, I ate small low calorie meals every 3 hours. I always prepared my own meals (which is a privilege) and if I didn’t then I chose wisely if I ate at restaurants. While running errands I keeps sliced apples, carrots, bell pepper etc in my purse.

  27. What advice do you give for beginners, and motivation? I know it takes time but I have problems with food choices. Is WW a good place to start or should I find a nutrionist? your website is a blessing different from all these others. God Bless…

  28. OMG!!! You look amazing!!! I am a size 14 and I just started weight watchers this week, and I have SERIOUSLY been struggling. But I am going to stick with it you are INSPIRATION!!!!!!!

  29. You are 5’10, hard to believe you’re 39 you look younger than me and I’m 34!!! I stand 5’8. I was always skinny. When I was younger I had a hard time keeping weight on because I was always on the go. It wasn’t until 2005 came along and depression hit with a vengeance that I really packed on the weight. (and 4 kids later) I just saw the P.I.N.K. workout. A workout for real women. Now I’m not knocking other workouts but it’s the only one I’ve seen showing real women, if I may. I’m trying it out next month.

    168 is such a perfect weight for you. 150-160 is mine. (I still want to have some curves left!!!) You are so beautiful!!!! I want to bring my sexy back!!!

  30. Hey, well done! You’ve inspired me :) .. Quick question. Did you ever get emotional while dieting? This is my 3rd week doing weight watchers plus working out and I’ve notice my moods going from really high to low. xo

  31. I stumbled upon this blog while searching for inspiring weight loss videos and I haven’t been able to log off since. I am 32 and have been battling with my weight gain and yo-yo wight loss for about 5 years. I am now a size 16, pushing 18, and have literally lost all motivation to continue my battle because I thought it was going to be a lot easier than this. However, after reading about your journey and thoroughly reading this blog….I am inspired. I also love the beauty tips. At this moment, you are my light at the end the tunnel. Keep doing your thing and sharing the knowledge. Blessings!

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  33. Congrats. I love how you transformed your body.

    I gained a gang load of weight in the past 3 years and I’m trying to lose 28 lbs now but it is so hard. I already lost 50lbs but these last few…omg.

    You just motivated me to get it together and get moving. I’m going to Jamaica to visit family in the summer and those people are my harshest critics lol so I better look put together by then.

  34. Hey Moxie! This is amazing! So inspiring! I have recently started my weight loss journey this year (January 2012) and so far lost 39 pounds (4 months later). I still have about 60 pounds to lose to get to my goal weight but I know I can get there. I started out as an 18 and hope to be an 8 by goal weight. Anyway, thank you for your YouTube channel and keep doing ya thang!

    Oh, by the way….my birthday is August 12th too!

  35. this is inspiration for me .thanks you .i have been with out “syke” not being sure if taebo can work but after this am encouraged to do it . but i have a question how long did it take you to lose the weight?

  36. You look great! I have battled weight issues for the last 33 years: an up-and-down yo-yo! I’ve tried WW and several other diets that just don’t work for me. I’ve given up, but I’m not out of the game just yet. I have accepted that I am going to be fat, but I can be healthy and be fat. I exercise daily and I eat nutritious foods that are low in fat and calories. I’ve learned to accept my size 16 body and be happy with the way I look because it will never change. I am still TOO happy for ladies like yourself who fought the battle of the bulge and WON!!!! Keep up the good work, lady! You are a knockout!!

  37. Wow Motorcitymoxie I am contemplating my next steps with losing weight. You have inspired me to start today. Thank you so much.

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  39. Just came on board, late as usual. Anyway I truly been inspired by your blog, saw you on youtube and connected to the blog. When a 58 year old comments you can best believe you are reaching far and wide. Me well, survived the job last, home lost, almost lost myself, but God… so on my way back. Took a pretty good beating, but still ticking. Youtube has given me so much inspiration, great tips from the young ladies. Just reminded me of who I am. So I hope all is well with you and keep it going, sometimes we never know the extent to which we are called. And thank you. I just love your spirit.

  40. Awesome…fitness story. I love taebo workouts. Billy Blanks was my motivation for working out. It’s fast…fun…full of energy. I am now a mother of two…it’s very hard…to get motivated..in reading this post…this was absolutely encouraging. No more excuses…we only have one life. The time does go by quickly…consistency is key…

  41. Hello there! This is kind of off topic but I need some advice from an established blog.
    Is it hard to set up your own blog? I’m not
    very techincal but I can figure things out pretty quick.

    I’m thinking about creating my own but I’m not sure where to begin.
    Do you have any points or suggestions? Thank you

  42. Thank you so much for your transparency with your actual weight. I am currently 5’10 and 190 heavier on the bottom so it’s great to see someone my height and how 160’s vs 175 looks. you have an amazing body and I am interested in entering a bikini competition next year. Can you tell us more about your experience in a pageant or competition??

  43. Motorcitymoxie, Ms Moxie am from the Lou, too. congrats on your fitness journey , wow , I am hoping to join the team for fitness this year ,life has surely taking its toll on me and I am ready to dig in and revamp thei WIP ( Women In Progress… I too need to lose this smudge pudge , but the only hang-up is I am a diabetic and its very hard to find a simple diet pln that doesn’t leave you hungry , plus I have resistant diabetes with Candida , and so its hard to eat grains , yeast, sugar and other things that bring on more retaining of sugar, I like the simple way , any suggestions , Thanks for all the help if any…..
    Lnita D.

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